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Real-time Real Estate Data

Website And Blog Tools For Real Estate

Most real estate consumers are interested in housing market information. We make it easy for you to deliver answers to their questions. Our charts and stat tables are always updated with the latest data and serve as a sticky feature for your online destinations. Don't worry, our web tools are built for "non-technical" real estate professionals and all of our applications are easy to use. With AltosXplorer, you can build over 160,000,000 custom charts to put on your blog, website, or Facebook page. Click here to learn more.

Housing Market Analytics

Altos Research provides unique statistics that will equip you to make the best decisions possible. Our statistics include Percentage Of Properties On The Market With Price Reductions, the Magnitude Of Price Reductions, Inventory Levels, and Days On Market Trends. We have over 250,000,000 data points to give you an edge on your competition. The active listing tools are perfect for determining pricing, tracking geo-local supply levels, and even fraud detection. Click here to learn more.

Capture Leads Online...And On Your Mobile Device

Our AltosConnect lead capture tool gives your real estate website or blog another way to answer consumers' questions. The widget integrates with your Altos Research account, allowing visitors to "choose their own adventure" and request market reports for instant delivery to their inboxes. The tool works with all web-enabled mobile devices, which is great for open houses, social events, or anytime somebody asks you, "How's the market?" Click here to learn more.

Active Listing Data On A National Scale

We watch all the major metropolitan areas in the United States, and most of the minor ones. With more than 170 data sources and 20,000+ zip codes, we have the most comprehensive database of active housing market data available. Our data is refreshed once a week to reflect what's happening in the real estate market right now. The housing data world is filled with providers who report old data and give their analysis looking in the rear view mirror. At Altos Research, we watch the active market so we can report what's happening now, and even what's going to happen in the future. Click here to learn more.

Automatic Lead Generation With Market Reports

Our market reports are the cornerstone of our lead generation philosophy. We believe if you give consumers what they want and position yourself as the local market expert, you will do more business. The reports are updated weekly with the latest and greatest housing market data. The system automatically emails them to your contacts with the frequency you choose. Our tracking tools make it easy to see who is actively reading your reports, and who is not. Click here to learn more.

Forecasting Models Predict The Future

By watching the geo-local active housing market and tracking the changes once a week, we've learned a few things. Our leading indicators allow us to predict the future with statistical reliability. HPIs and AVMs use lagging data, resulting in outdated and incomplete views of the market. The AltosEvaluate Forward Valuation Model (FVM) takes the most relevant leading indicators and applies our proprietary algorithm to predict transaction prices up to a year in the future. Click here to learn more.