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Live Market Data on Your Web Site

Altos Research offers the most robust market data feeds in the industry. AltosCharts lets you incorporate live market data charts and stats into your blog, websites and more.

The AltosCharts and AltosStats tools offer you access to over 150 different market measures (we're not kidding!) for each of the thousands of cities and zip codes across the country that we cover.

How is that possible, you ask? Each of our market statistics is calculated weekly, smoothed across a rolling average time period, divided into price ranges for every market. AltosCharts are available in different sizes and can be animated too!

  • Want to watch the Days on Market for high-end homes in Dallas? We got it.
  • Want to compare demand trends for San Francisco vs San Diego? Yup, we can do that too.
  • Want to compare two counties in california? Yes, we have that also.

You can also add AltosCharts to a PowerPoint presentation as part of your listing meeting. Really "wow" your future clients with a complete historical analysis of your town in an easy-to-read graph.

Try it out - Get the FREE local market price chart below. (Subscribers have access to the full range of market stats — over 150 that you can display)

Altos Research subscribers find that AltosCharts are a great way to inform and engage their web visitors. Our real estate agent subscribers and other partners have access to a vast array of AltosCharts for all the local markets they operate in.

Here are some samples:

AltosCharts - real estate marketing tools for websites AltosCharts - real estate marketing tools for websites

AltosCharts (Animated)

Altos Charts (Multi-Stats)
AltosCharts - real estate marketing tools for websites

AltosCharts for Counties
AltosCharts - real estate marketing tools for websites

To create your AltosChart™use our AltosXplorer tool to select your favorite city, then simply copy and pase the image tag or URL into your webpage. The price chart is free to use on your website. Please abide by the full terms below. Other than those, Knock yourself out.

Free AltosCharts Terms of Service:

AltosCharts are Copyright © 2005-2009 Altos Research LLC. AltosCharts median price chart for a local market is free to include on your website or blog. You may not resell AltosCharts. All AltosCharts must retain the link to for visitors to get more information. We reserve the right to block any AltosCharts feed to any person, company, or website that we find violates these terms of service or for any other reason of our choice. Sorry, but that's the way it is.

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