Real-Time Housing Market Analytics

How's the market, right now? Where's the market going in the next 6-12-24 months? That's Altos Research

What are "Real-Time Housing Analytics"?

Our proprietary technology watches the active real estate market every Friday, then publishes analytics and leading indicators on Monday for real-time analysis and the most accurate market forecasting indicators available.

What are the applications of "Real-Time Housing Market Analytics"?

  • RMBS portfolio and Whole Loan Asset analysis for Prepayment Risk, Default Risk, and Loss Severity modeling
  • REO and Distressed Asset disposition
  • Housing Market Forecasting & HPI modelers
  • Mortgage Servicers and Lenders for loan modification, fraud detection, and workout scenarios
  • Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) for better valuations
  • Homebuilders for land acquisition, building, and local market strategies
  • Equity Analysts focused on the home building and related industries
  • For anyone who has exposure to the real estate market
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AltosEvaluate Mortgage Analytics Suite
Future Value | Driven By Real-Time Market Activity

AltosEvaluate delivers forward-looking asset values by modeling real-time local housing data, leading indicators to forecast transaction prices three, six, or twelve months into the future. Our suite provides you with the ability to make informed decisions about:

  • Precision Pricing For RMBS
  • Loan Level Analysis
  • Pool Level Analysis
  • Default Risk Analysis
  • Fraud Detection

Traditional housing valuations are based on lagging transaction prices. The active market prices contain key indicators showing where property values are headed. Altos is the premier source for active market data and analytics, tracking over 400 metrics in 20,000 zip codes every week. The Forward Valuation Modeling advanced technology platform analyzes the indicators to determine which are most meaningful for future valuations in each local market.

AltosEvaluate Product Suite

Active Market Analytics

The analytics tools make it easy to import data files into existing models for running proprietary analyses on your own:

  • Forward Valuation Model (FVM)
  • 250,000,000 Data Points, Updated Weekly
  • 20,000+ Zip Codes
  • Current & Leading Indicators: Prices Of Newly Listed Properties, Percentage Of Properties With Price Reductions, Inventory Levels

Active Market Properties

Altos is the only source for active listing data on a nationwide level:

  • Details on 2,000,000+ Homes Listed For Sale This Week
  • Active Market Comparables For Pricing, Supply & Fraud Detection
  • Listing History: Weekly Price Changes For Each Specific Property
  • Altos Evaluate Is Web Application And Always Accessible

AltosEvaluate Web Application

The analytics tools make it easy to import data files into existing models for running proprietary analyses on your own:

  • �At-A-Glance� Market Direction Trends
  • Real-Time Market Reports & Adjustments
  • Forward Valuation Model (FVM)
  • Data Files Download

FVM Advanced Technology Platform

The proprietary AltosEvaluate FVM (Forward Valuation Model) is the first technology of its kind. The FVM applies advanced machine learning to a real-time, local market conditions data platform. Whereas AVMs and HPIs calculate value based on lagging data, the AltosEvaluate FVM applies real-time geo-local market activity to generate highly correlated forecasts of transaction price.

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