Volatility is the
New Normal.

Real Time Asset Answers

Altos Research provides richer analysis by watching the active markets to understand the local market.

While models that predict mortgage behavior have become more sophisticated, they often lack the real-time local market insight necessary to improve risk modeling and understand an RMBS intrinsic value during loan-up analysis. Our real-time local housing market data provides insight that enhances workflow to generate more accurate valuations and a more in-depth view of the underlying collateral.

Understand Asset-Level Risk

AltosEvaluate’s price-based model evaluates the price of each property against other properties in the same local market, while the time-based model evaluates each property according to the amount of time it has been on the market relative to other properties in the local market.

Know Collateral Quality

Listing Intel℠ provides a comprehensive, real-time report of all properties currently for sale right for insight into how a subject property fits into the market as a whole, allowing you to quickly identify undervalued assets.

Get Accurate Values

Bring to Current℠ will bring an original valuation forward to the current market so you can understand the collateral relative to the active local housing market for accurate asset-specific valuations.

Forecast Asset Performance

Our proprietary Forward Valuation Model is the first technology of its kind to apply advanced machine learning forecasting methodology to a vast, real-time, local market conditions data platform with leading indicators, and market psychology signals to forecast individual asset or portfolio value 3-, 6-, and 12 months ahead.

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