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Altos Research provides richer analysis by watching the active markets to understand the local market.

Portfolios Need National MLS Visibility

Every asset raises a question. The need to understand your portfolio at the asset level in real time has never been greater. Only Altos Research provides real time asset answers.

The need for real time housing data is at an all-time high, yet access remains difficult. The 900 MLS’s are opaque, difficult to access and lack data standards and API integration.

Even worse, is rental market data, which is not only unreliable, but does not take into account the growing inventory of single family homes now available as rentals. Data available from most sources is self-reported from property managers, lags the market by several months and does not contain data on individually owned single family homes.

Enter Altos Research. We provide an end-to-end suite of data and analytic solutions that provide the most complete set of information you can get.

Fed by our own vast real-time housing market database, our proprietary applications and analytic algorithms provide unique statistics and applications for mortgage and property analysis and action.

Altos provides a suite of data and analytic products for bond analysis, market research and portfolio benchmarking. We watch 250,000,000 local housing data points in 20,000+ zip codes each week to give you an edge on your competition.

Altos Evaluate™ Suite

Real-time mortgage and property portfolio analysis to accelerate profitable decisions

  • Active Market Analytics
  • Active Market Properties
  • Altos Web Application 

Upload & instantly analyze entire portfolio or individual assets:

  • 250M local housing market data points per week
  • 20,000+ zip codes
  • Current & leading indicators: Home pricing and price changes, inventory, demand metrics

Listing Intel™

Access all properties listed on the active market to improve asset disposition strategy, valuation validation and fraud prevention

Listing match: Is the property for sale right now?
     * Instantly match against database of 2M+ properties 

Listing comps: Immediately access all active comps for that property
     * Review ask price & market time to validate BPO data

Listing history: View weekly price changes and listing history of any property

     * Validate Price Opinion or Offer

Forward Valuation Model™

Robust local leading indicators forecast future transaction prices validation and fraud prevention

  • Forecasting models by geo-local market area, price tiers & property types for over 20,000 zip codes
  • Models build from real-time leading indicators only available from Altos Research
  • Complete transparency on every result-every model includes confidence intervals reports 

Agent Intel™

Agent and broker for all properties listed on the active market

  • Agent and broker contact information
  • Locate REO or short sale agent by property address
  • Detailed agent activity

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