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Real Time Asset Answers

Altos Research provides richer analysis by watching the active markets to understand the local market.

There are 2,000,000 Homes For Sale at Any Given Time

Altos Research provides the details on every last one of them. We provide never-before-available active housing market data and analytics so you know trends before it’s too late.

Listing Comps

Get comprehensive visibility into all homes for sale in the asset’s local market. This application highlights market strength or weakness, and verifies BPO valuations for quality control and fraud prevention.

Validate BPO valuations using a greater number of comps taken from the active market. BPOs and AVMs typically rely on closed comparables that can lag the market up to twelve months. Using these real-time market analytics to bring a BPO or valuation forward to the current market ensures correct asset-specific pricing.

  • Instantly find comparable active market properties
  • Real-time access to list price & market time
  • Augment sold comparables for pricing leveraging significant sample size & competitive analysis
  • Identify rehab opportunities & maximize ROI potential

Listing History

While results vary from asset to asset, and from market to market, to predict future values and performance, historic data is quite useful. The Listing History Application provides a complete history to accurately assess future asset and market performance and risk.

  • Access rejected offers
  • View property’s weekly price changes & listing records
  • Cross-check BPOs for opportunities or error

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