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Altos Research provides richer analysis by watching the active markets to understand the local market.

Current, reliable data and information are crucial in eliminating process redundancy in Servicing, REO and Loss Mitigation, com- pressing timelines and reducing risk. Yet, the majority of data and information available is subjective or outdated.

Our real time local housing market data provides insight that allows you to quickly and confidently determine the appropriate disposition strategy, identify workout opportunities, detect fraud, update and validate valuations, and monitor portfolios.


Determine Disposition Strategy

Listing Intel℠ and Rental Intel℠ provide a rich understanding of property-specific attributes and actual real time local housing market performance – key in determining timing and a disposition price competitive enough to minimize holding times.  

Time the Market

Our Forward Valuation Model forecasts a home’s future value three, six, and twelve ahead.    

Validate Valuations

Bring to Current℠ will bring an original valuation forward to the current market so you can understand the property relative to the active local housing market.    

Price Accurately

Use Listing Intel℠ to analyze the competition and benchmark against up-to-the-minute market trends including weekly pricing changes, days on market, competitive landscape and pricing changes.    

Evaluate Offers

Compare offers to all active listings provided by Listing Intel℠ to ensure an offer is competitive and mitigate fraud.

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