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Altos Research provides richer analysis by watching the active markets to understand the local market.

34% of U.S. Households are Rentals

Rental Intel™ is the largest housing and apartment database in the United States and can tell you about every last one of them, including privately owned single family homes.

When combined with Altos’ real time real estate analytics, Rental Intel offers a unique combination of data never before available to the mortgage and housing industries.

With details on the approximately 1,000,000 available rental units that hit the market each week, Rental Intel tracks active rental inventories, pricing, and unit characteristics.

  • Tracks approximately 70% of the US homes and apartments for rent each week
  • Pricing, market time, and property characteristics (property types, square footage, beds, baths, etc.)
  • Current local asking prices, inventory, and demand trends
  • Current rents and rental availability
Practical Applications
  • Market selection
  • Investment decisions
  • Pre bid strategy
  • Disposition strategy
  • Loss Mitigation strategy
  • BPO, valuation and appraisal modeling
  • Direct marketing

Altos Portfolio WatchSM

Altos Portfolio Watch automatically tracks every property for you and alerts you to changes, opportunities, and potential fraud. Investigate individual properties for rental valuation. Give Portfolio Watch a test, and we will provide you with real time answers immediately. Check it out here

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Details on every rental listed right now

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