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Real Time Asset Answers

Altos Research provides richer analysis by watching the active markets to understand the local market.

Listing Intel™

Compare portfolio assets to the active market to understand them as if they were on the market today.

Listing Intel™ provides comprehensive visibility into all homes for sale in the asset’s local market. The application highlights market strength or weakness, and verifies BPO valuations for quality control and the prevention of fraud.

Improve Pool Bidding, Workout and Disposition Strategies

Use listing Intel to examine your portfolio and know what’s for sale right now, at what price, the listing history and the complete set of active comparables.

Listing Entries

Everything listed for sale—right now.
  • Identify motivated sellers/short sellers
  • Adjust pool bid
  • Find additional comps
  • Adjust pricing strategy

Listing Match

Is it listed for sale, right now?
  • Instantly compare against a database of 2M+ homes currently listed for sale
  • Save time during the pre-bid process
  • Identify properties to investigate for quality control and fraud detection
  • Quickly identify workout opportunities by accessing sellers attempting short sales

Listing Comparables

  • Instantly find comparable active market properties
  • Real-time access to list price and market time
  • Augment sold comparables for pricing leveraging significant sample size and competitive analysis
  • Identify rehab opportunities and maximize ROI potential

Listing History

  • Access rejected offers
  • View property’s weekly price changes and listing records
  • Cross-check BPO’s for opportunities or error

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