About Altos Research


For companies focused on providing value-added services to the financial markets, real estate agents, and brokers, Altos Research provides all the tools necessary.


Forbes is a media and publishing company best known for publishing Forbes magazine. The motto of the magazine is, “The Capitalist Tool” and Steve Forbes is the Editor-In-Chief. Forbes is well-known for their lists, such as The World’s Billionaires, The 400 Richest Americans, and America’s Most Expensive Zip Codes.


In 1981 Bloomberg started out with one core belief: that bringing transparency to capital markets through access to information could increase capital flows, produce economic growth and jobs, and significantly reduce the cost of doing business. Today’s Bloomberg builds on that foundation – everything they do connects decision makers in business, finance and government to a broad and dynamic network of information, news, people and ideas that enables faster, more effective decisions.

1010 data

1010data provides fast, flexible, and scalable analytics and reporting solutions, often returning complex and difficult results in a matter of seconds. Data stolutions can be managed by the customer, or by 1010data, ensuring timely answers to the important questions affecting your business.


Most investment research reflects the opinions of one analyst equipped with a spreadsheet and a personal network of resources. At DISCERN, we operate differently. By applying the collective knowledge of our entire team-including external experts, powerful information analytics tools, and proprietary data streams, we dramatically increase the scope of our individual analysts’ expertise. The net result: better context, better decisions.


MacroMarkets LLC is a financial technology company on a mission to add liquidity to valuable economic interests and important asset classes throughout the world. Our principal focus: to cultivate new markets which facilitate investment and risk management via innovative financial instruments.

The firm is led by a seasoned management team with over 100 years of collective Wall Street experience with structured products, exchange-traded funds, housing markets, mortgage- and asset-backed securities.

MacroMarkets LLC holds multiple patents for MacroShares®, an exchange-traded product whose unique structure can be applied to any asset class that can be reliably indexed. As part of its mission to create new, more efficicent and complete financial markets, the firm was a key catalyst in launching the U.S. house price futures and options markets on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), and with partners at Fiserv Inc. and Standard & Poors, in establishing the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices as the most credible, globally-recognized benchmark for U.S. home prices.


FactSet consolidates all the tools you need to monitor global markets, public and private companies, and equity and fixed income portfolios in a single, intuitive interface.

With FactSet, you gain powerful analytics tailored to your workflow, the broadest scope of data available, and access to industry-leading client service. Our solutions are designed to fit seamlessly into your workflow, with a wide selection of customizable reports and charts that are relevant to your job function.

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