About Altos Research

Giving Geeks a Good Name Since 2006

The Altos team has made a career of building systems that analyze huge amounts of complex data, find compelling patterns, and communicate those findings to a broad audience. With Altos Research we’re applying those skills to the crazy world of real estate data.


Michael Simonsen, Co-Founder, CEO

A true data geek, Mike founded Altos Research to commercialize the data and technology he initially built for his personal need to track the value of his over-sized Silicon Valley mortgage following the NASDAQ bubble burst of 2002. Michael applies his 20-year career in analytical software to a lifelong personal interest in real estate. A veteran of the Silicon Valley start-up trenches, Michael was previously vice president of product management at Nevis Networks, where he has a US patent pending for applied data cryptography.

Mike’s approach to solving tough information problems with software developed while studying artificial intelligence and expert systems as an undergrad at the University of Nevada. His approach to entrepreneurship was formed in business school at Chicago’s DePaul University and in the trenches of Silicon Valley start ups.

He is also the primary author of the How’s the Market? blog.

You can connect with Mike at Twitter.

Kristin Evans, Director of Sales

Kristin has had the privilege to work in a her beloved real estate industry since starting at the ground level at age 20. A type-A driven producer, she paid for college with a real estate practice in her native Chico, California. With phenomenal mentorship of some of the greatest leaders in the business, she grew to have a single-focused desire of helping people make the best decisions in Real Estate. In 2009 she joined a company with similar values, Altos Research. Kristin is a person who gets excited by the prospect each day of helping clients understand the trends, the leading indicators, and even how to learn from the historical looks of real estate data. She is continually growing as person, a friend, a wife, a team member, a sales consultant and even just a good neighbor to all she meets. Kristin graduated with a Business Administration degree from California State University, Chico.

Owen Martin, PhD., Director of Data Science

Since his youth Owen has been interested in mathematics, and the various ways abstract mathematics can be applied in business and in art. He studied applied statistics and eventually quantitative finance, working on Wall Street and writing his PhD dissertation on the subject of Bayesian reliability.

Owen joined Altos in 2012 as director of data science. With a passion for user experience and radical artistic communication, Owen seeks to build statistical tools, such as data visualization, to help elucidate esoteric data and make useful statistics available to everyone.

You can see some of Owen’s hacks at github 
And engage in esoteria via twitter

Steve Severance, Director of Engineering

Steve’s software processes huge amounts of data for financial advantage. He’s built search engines and web crawlers, machine learning classification systems, and large scale Hadoop clusters. As a software developer for information-advantage hedge fund Positronic, he was in charge of all data ingestion. After Positronic was acquired by eBay in 2009, Steve developed systems to classify unstructured eCommerce data into structure predictive-markets intelligence. Prior to Positronic, Steve developed large scale medical data analytics systems. Steve has been working with Altos since 2012 and leads the database infrastructure and product development team. Steve has a BA in Economics from the University of Maryland. 

You can join Steve’s musings on technology, Haskell, and the markets at GitHub, Twitter, and at Silicon Valley’s Hacker Dojo.