About Altos Research

Giving Geeks a Good Name Since 2006

The Altos team has made a career of building systems that analyze huge amounts of complex data, find compelling patterns, and communicate those findings to a broad audience. With Altos Research we’re applying those skills to the crazy world of real estate data.


Michael Simonsen, Co-Founder, CEO

A true data geek, Mike founded Altos Research to commercialize the data and technology he initially built for his personal need to track the value of his over-sized Silicon Valley mortgage following the NASDAQ bubble burst of 2002. Michael applies his 20-year career in analytical software to a lifelong personal interest in real estate. A veteran of the Silicon Valley start-up trenches, Michael was previously vice president of product management at Nevis Networks, where he has a US patent pending for applied data cryptography.

Mike’s approach to solving tough information problems with software developed while studying artificial intelligence and expert systems as an undergrad at the University of Nevada. His approach to entrepreneurship was formed in business school at Chicago’s DePaul University and in the trenches of Silicon Valley start ups.

He is also the primary author of the How’s the Market? blog.

You can connect with Mike at Twitter.

Jason Buberel, Co-founder

Jason is a hands-on engineering manager with 15 years experience developing large-scale Internet applications. Jason was lured from the Neuroscience Ph.D. program at the University of Illinois to join a start-up with members of the original Mosaic HTTP server development team where he built web applications for top consumer brands such as Hallmark Cards, Victoria’s Secret, and Cars.com. He continued development of consumer-focused transactional and analytical applications for The Internet Shopping Network, TenSquare, and Xtime. Most recently, Jason developed mobile software applications for Motorola.