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Altos Research is a housing market data and technology company based in Mountain View, California that provides real-time housing market reports, market intelligence, market analytics, and data services to the residential real estate industry. Our customers include financial institutions, real estate agents, brokers, mortgage lenders, title companies and investors. We’re growing our business rapidly, which means we’re hiring!

Below are the positions that we are looking to fill. We prefer resumes be submitted via email only, and will not accept phone calls.

If you do decide to submit a resume, tell us why you feel you would be a good fit. We’d also like you to write us a quick paragraph describing the coolest thing you’ve done this year. It doesn’t have to be work related. Just tell us a quick story. Send those two things with your resume.

If you’re on LinkedIn or Twitter, have a blog, or are otherwise “connected” – send along those links too.

Awesome Java Developer

We are looking for a full-stack web developer to maintain and improve a legacy Java codebase. You should be comfortable with everything from CSS to SQL, from cluster deployment to Hibernate. Much of the role involves stepping through Java code, repairing problems with hard-coded web spiders. Our systems crawl millions of web pages each week and analyze the information therein.

For the right candidate the job offers the opportunity to grow new classes of web-spidering software and meaningful contribution to the multi-terabyte analytics infrastructure of a pioneering US real estate market analytics firm.

We prefer trusting people over process, and need someone who gets things done without micromanagement. Our process is reasonably well documented and structured, so you are not left on your own. Developers are expected to thrive with a great deal of autonomy and responsibility. You will brainstorm new features and fixes, and deploy them the same day.

Our technology stack is Java, Hibernate, Tapestry, Tomcat (JSPs), Perl, Ant, IntelliJ (IDE), PostgreSQL, CentOS Linux, memcached, MongoDB, HTML & CSS, and Perforce.

Requirements: You have written and deployed several production Java applications and use a visual debugger. You should have a detailed understanding of HTTP at the protocol level, and preferably you experience with web spider software.

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