Altos Research Portfolio WatchSM

Can You Handle the Truth?

We think you’re entitled to it. 

REO asset managers and investment funds tackling the “Do I rent this property?” question, face unique data challenges. Because Altos Research has the only complete, national set of all properties listed for sale AND for rent, we give you never-before-available insights on today’s market.  For the first time, you can get immediate rental valuations and comps for any property.

Give Portfolio Watch a test, and we will provide you with real time answers immediately.

Altos Portfolio Watch

When evaluating a portfolio of properties, loans, or investment opportunities, every asset manager faces some basic information needs.

  • What will it rent for? 
  • Is it listed for sale? 
  • How long should we hold it? 
  • Can I catch the fraudsters?

Altos Portfolio Watch automatically tracks every property for you and alerts you to changes, opportunities, and potential fraud. Investigate individual properties for rental valuation.

Portfolio Watch Components

Rental Intel
Access the 1,000,000 U.S. properties listed for rent each week to understand an entire local housing market dynamic.

  • Tracks approximately 70% of the US homes and apartments for rent each week
  • Pricing, market time, and property characteristics (property types, square footage, beds, baths, etc.)
  • Current local asking prices, inventory, and demand trends

Listing Intel
Access all 2,000,000+ properties listed for sale on the active market each week to improve asset disposition strategy, valuation validation and fraud prevention.

  • Immediately access all active comps for any property
  • Review ask price & market time to validate BPO data
  • View weekly price changes and listing history of any property
  • Validate Price Opinion or Offer

Forward Valuation Model
Robust local leading indicators forecast future transaction prices.

  • Forecasting models by geo-local market area, price tiers & property types for over 20,000 zip codes
  • Models build from real-time leading indicators only available from Altos Research
  • Complete transparency on every result-every model includes confidence intervals reports

If you don’t have the data, you’ll never know the truth about your properties.